How To Get The Perfect Makeup-Free Selfie

November 19, 2015

The makeup-free selfie is all the rage these days, thanks to the rise of Instagram, which has made everyone from celebrities to civilians keen to show off the fruits of their skincare labor.

But if you’re not feeling confident in your skin, how do you prepare yourself to bare it all?



The piece of advice you most often hear when it comes to looking after your skin is to drink more water. And it makes sense — your body is about 60% water, give or take, and it’s constantly using that water to operate. You’ve got to hydrate so your body can work properly and repair itself. Without this basic building block in place, your skin won’t stand a chance. US health authorities commonly recommend we drink about half a gallon of water a day (or eight, 8-ounce glasses). Drink up!


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Something else that’s vital for your body to repair itself is a good night’s rest. And we don’t mean grabbing a couple of hours here and there — you need proper, deep sleep so that your skin can heal and renew.



The easiest way to see changes in your skin is to start with the right moisturizer.

philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar‘s award-winning formula features a triple blend of alpha hydroxy acids, 3 forms of hyaluronate, plus an asian fruit extract. Your skin will have nonstop hydration, refined texture, and a youthful glow. With your skin looking this good, you won’t need makeup anywhere near it!

Moisturizing should carry over to nighttime use as well. renewed hope in a jar: overnight recharging & refining moisturizer takes renewed hope in a jar‘s groundbreaking formula and tailors it to meet your nighttime needs. You get that same continuous renewal and healthy glow you’ve come to expect from renewed hope in a jar, now met with natural ingredients set to improve your skin’s ability to fight dehydration, dullness and rough texture.



The foundation of a perfect makeup-free selfie is keeping a clean face. There’s no such thing as worrying too much about cleansing your skin. Stay on top of how your face looks without anything on it, and that glow will shine through in your selfie.



We appreciate you’re probably not going to want to turn up at the office completely bare-faced, but next time you’re at home for an evening or afternoon, take it all off and let your skin breathe.

And remember, all this will take some time! Get the right products, build up good habits, and you can join the ranks of the happy, healthy, glowy-skinned brigade.