The One Skincare Product You Never Knew You Should be Using

November 13, 2015

Walk down the aisles of any Sephora and you’ll see products that originated in the Korean beauty market. Korea’s been breaking new ground and in the beauty industry for years now, setting the biggest trends and inspiring the newest products.

And what’s the Korean beauty market obsessing over these days? Facial mists!

But what are facial mists, exactly? And should you be using them?

You may remember facial mists from their first incarnation, when they just contained different spins on a mineral water formula. Those were great for refreshing your face, but without many additional benefits for your skin.

However, the new generation of facial mists deliver so much more. Take philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar microrenewal hydrating mist, for example. It contains the same ingredients as the award-winning renewed hope in a jar, providing your skin with that instant hydration, renewal, and glow.


The bonus is that you can spray it on over your make-up. It can give tired and dull skin a pep during the middle of the day, when you’re far too busy to spend time reapplying cosmetics. You can use it in summer to cool down an overheated face, or in the winter to rehydrate skin dried out by a combination of cold weather and indoor heating. Voila! A refreshed, perky complexion with just a spray.

Try philosophy’s renewed hope in a jar microrenewal hydrating mist now to discover its instant hydration and add a glow to your skin and your day!