The Biggest Beauty Myth About Face Masks

November 8, 2015

Remember when you were younger and your mother would put on a face mask at night? It was usually think, lumpy, green, and completely terrifying. Kinda like this:

cake mask mrs doubtfire

Twentieth Century Fox

Yeah, a lot has changed over the years. Face masks have refined themselves, becoming more and more attractive — and more and more popular — in the daily skincare routine.

But with great popularity comes a lot of myths — the biggest being that masks are meant to be used sparingly, so as to not overload your skin.

Well let’s bust that myth, shall we?

Sure, an abrasive scrub or forceful treatment could really cause a full-on complexion rebellion. But most masks are fine for frequent use. And they’re life-savers, too — like quick restart buttons that quickly erase skin sins.


If you’re looking for that reboot, give renewed hope in a jar re-energizing moisture mask a try! In just 10 minutes, it gives skin the moisture boost it needs to look and feel its best, re-energizing your skin with cooling, instant burst of hydration.

Plus, it’s velvety whipped formula is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It goes on thin and transforms quickly!

If you’re looking for a deeper effect on your skin, use the renewed hope in a jar re-energizing moisture mask as an overnight mask. Just apply a thicker layer to your skin, and let set in overnight. You’ll wake up feeling — and looking — refreshed as ever.