Meet Our Wellness Ambassador, Gabrielle Bernstein

November 7, 2015

Here at philosophy, we truly believe in wellbeing, beauty, spirituality, and inspiration. We always want you to feel comfort in the skin you’re in. It’s why we’re big fans of the word, “wellness.”

It’s a word that means a good many things to a vast number of people. What we can all agree on (at least we hope we can) is that it starts from the inside out, a feeling of whole being and peacefulness that emanates from within. We so believe in the importance of wellness that we brought on a Wellness Ambassador, someone to help us all reach that next level of mind body connection. Truthfully, there is no one better to guide us than Gabrielle Bernstein.

For those who may not know Gabrielle, she’s a world-renowned spiritual guru, a woman who rose through a background of spiritual disconnection to become a motivational speaker, life coach, and New York Times best-selling author. You might also recognize her from OWN Network’s “Super Soul Sunday.” In short, she’s a wellspring of wellbeing ideas, and we’re happy to have her.

We caught up with the traveling spiritual whirlwind for a quick Q&A on her new role with Philosophy, spiritual wellness, and some tips to start your mind body connection right now, right where you are:

philosophy: First of all, congratulations on being named the Well-being Advisor for philosophy.
Gabrielle: Thank you. I love the brand, the mission, and all the work they do for women and mental health. I also love the products.

How do you envision your role as Wellbeing Advisor?
For one, I get to work with the Hope and Grace Initiative, which means that I can advise on donations. I am also creating content that will generate more conversation around mental health. My ultimate goal is to really expand the dialog around women and mental health, and create tools that really activate the Philosophy mission and message in the lives of people worldwide. I want to spread the message and give people what they need to make positive change.

You’ve previously had some struggles with wellbeing, as you’ve described in your books. For those who haven’t met you, would you mind speaking a little bit about that? Ten years ago, I got sober in my own personal, spiritual quest to find serenity and happiness. In my own journey, I’ve realized that I had to wake up to an inner transformation rather than relying on the outside world for my happiness. That was really the catalyst for me to create the changes I’ve been living out in my life, and I’ve been on that journey ever since. I’ve been living a sober life and a spiritual journey, and I get to share those principles with others.

What do you think are the greatest challenges women face in regards to personal wellbeing and taking caring for ourselves? I think we have taken on a lot of responsibility with all our choices, roles, and paths. There’s a great sense of empowerment — and a great sense of power — with all that, but it also creates this tremendous amount of pressure to try to do it all. I think the pressure we place on ourselves creates a lot of stress and can sometimes lead to breakdowns. We need a practice of personal growth that includes fortifying our own wellbeing along with spiritual growth to balance out all the chaos.

How can we start that practice of personal growth today? What are some things we can start doing right here, right now to become more balanced? One thing you can do is just breathe, right? When we’re stressed out, we’re not breathing. Simply giving yourself a breath can help. One tool I often teach is the one-minute breath, which is breathing in for a count of five, holding it for a count of five, then releasing it for a count of five. It gets you back into deep belly breaths that return you to center. I use this all day long; it’s a great tool to return to a sense of calm. Also, choose your words and thoughts carefully. Instead of starting something with “I can’t,” really look for creative opportunities to think more positively. If you’re in the story of being a victim, really try hard to dig yourself out of that. Just becoming mindful of the words and conversations that you engage in will help; some may be keeping you in a really negative vibe.

How has your strong spiritual practice helped you with your own wellbeing, and how do you impart that to others?
It means everything to me. My relationship to my wisdom and spiritual faith is where I receive the best inspiration, direction, and a path to the most positive way of living and serving. It also gives me a sense of safety and security.

Finally, what do you do every day to handle your own wellbeing? How do you try to stay peaceful and centered with your ever-increasing notoriety and very busy schedule?
Meditate. On a good day, twenty minutes, twice a day. I usually do it first thing in the morning and in the afternoon around four.

* * *

If you’d like to learn more about Gabrielle, you can check out her website here. Also, stay tuned to this site for more from her. Great, beautiful things are coming.