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blog_funinthesun_1here comes the sun, and not a moment too soon! sunshine can be like your own personal mood lifter – and after a cold, rainy winter and spring, it’s definitely what the doctor ordered. it’s been known to relieve depression, inspire a bright, healthy outlook, and when exposed to sunlight, skin even synthesizes vitamin d (which helps strengthen bones). but even though soaking up the sun feels fabulous, there are a few sunshine-protecting tips you should take into account, first – lest you develop signs of premature aging, or worse.

blog_funinthesun_2don’t even dream about setting foot on a beach or poolside without spf. also, we all have the tendency to skip our earlobes, feet, and the part in our hair – so make sure you slather sunscreen to those areas, too. if you’re working out or swimming, reapply your spf every forty to eighty minutes. or if you don’t get a lot of intense daylight exposure – think, running errands or eating your lunch outside — reapply ever two or three hours.

knowing that your skin is protected from uv rays gives you the peace of mind to celebrate the sun with abandon! frolicking in the sunshine brings you back to simpler times, when you were a carefree, playful child, thrilled to celebrate the summer — and your own indomitable spirit — to the fullest.

there are a million ways to celebrate sunshine this summer, and here’s how we’re doing it!

sunshine grace: this limited edition fragrance captures the essence and grace of summertime warmth! a spritz on your wrists and on the back of your neck will keep you enveloped in its bright, vibrant scent, all day.

miracle worker spf 50: laying by the pool, reading on the beach, or even running errands in the city – all these summertime activities call for products with sunscreen (which helps shield skin from harmful uv rays that can result in sunburn and melanoma). the miracle worker collection is luscious, hydrating, and chock full of spf. the miraculous anti-aging liquid foundation spf 30 creates clear, even skin, while also protecting skin from the sun. miracle worker spf 50 hydrates aging skin, absorbs flawlessly, and keeps sun rays at bay.

fancy beach hat: dramatic sunhats are all the rage right now – and we love that they serve a dual purpose. not only are they chicer-than-chic, their wide brims protect your face from strong uv rays. we love the geometric, black-and-white pattern on this stunner from forever 21.

hot shades: shades are almost a non-negotiable for a great day in the sun. since you have to wear them, why not make them as cool-looking as possible? these sunnies from guess have a cheeky tortoiseshell frame and they wing out slightly at the corners – very 1950’s pinup star!

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