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giving grace volunteer event: child crisis center

philosophy’s giving grace committee hosted a girls night at the local child crisis center this month. with buckets of nail polish in hand, we set out to inspire a group of beautiful young ladies.

the evening began with an activity where we taped a piece of construction paper to each girl’s back. they were encouraged to write something nice about each other, and learned that talking behind someone’s back should always be positive.

photo credit: child crisis center

then, our education specialist sara taught a lesson in skin care 101, and the importance of cleansing every night before bed. they had so much fun moisturizing with the present! everyone was glowing inside and out.

manicures were last on the agenda. after painting on their nail polish, each girl received a special design on her nails from our senior graphic designer kathrine, including a heartfelt request from one young girl to write the initials of each of her family members on each nail.
by the end of the night, it was our hope that we had inspired the inner beauty within each girl to shine bright, but as we were leaving, we knew that in turn, they had inspired us.

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  1. Deborah S

    This touches my heart and brings tears o my eyes all children want is to feel special, safe and loved I believe you all accomplished this. May you all have. Blessed Holiday Season :)

    • hello tina, thank you for visiting our blog. charity is a valuable part of the culture we have created at philosophy. at this time, we are unable to open up our outreach events to include participation from our philosophy fans. however, we always encourage our friends to go out into the community to find causes that inspire passion and giving. if you have a cause that you are passionate about, we would love to hear more about it. we hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!

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