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state of grace: amazing grace


amazing grace is for the woman who longs to feel: pretty, feminine, lady-like, classic, beautiful

amazing grace is philosophy’s best-selling spray fragrance, created to make a woman feel amazingly clean and beautifully feminine. amazing grace is the ultimate feminine fragrance that makes a woman feel as if she is wearing her best dress every day of the week, even when she dresses casually. finally, people will say “you smell good,” or “i love being near you,” rather than “what fragrance are you wearing?”

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  1. Debra Cope

    Is there a way to get the batch number from 2012? I have used Amazing Grace emulsion and the fragrance is no longer present. I have returned one order to QVC and the return item was no better. I purchased it from Ulta and no better. I no longer get compliments and am very disappointed. Please bring back our original Amazing Grace.

    • hi debra, please contact our customer care department at 1-800-568-3151 from 6:00am to 5:00pm (pdt) monday through friday so they may personally assist you. thank you!

  2. Dee

    Normally I get compliments when I wear amazing grace. i had wondered if the product has changed since it doesn’t last and the fragrance seems a bit weak. Even layering doesn’t seem to have the same staying power and my once wonderful scent in the bathroom is no longer obvious. Can someone tell me why this may be different? I was planning on buying the large kit but after getting just the small bath and shampoo and noticing this I am not sure I will take the chance on getting the large one now..

    • dear dee, thank you for your feedback regarding amazing grace. we are continuing to review quality control testing methodology to ensure that we continue to produce quality products. please know that there has been no change to any philosophy fragrances, including amazing grace; however, in our recent research, we found that two batches of amazing grace from 2012 were identified as having slight differences that traced back to natural variations in the fragrance oil used to create the scent – this could explain the scent variation that you noticed. this issue has since been resolved. we share your passion for amazing grace, and appreciate you taking the time to reach out to us.

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