beauty & believing

mother’s day gratitude

we believe expressing gratitude is a beautiful way to honor the person who gave us life. hear why some philosophy employees are grateful for their moms.

happy mothers day

no matter what, she’s my biggest cheerleader.– hallie, ecommerce marketing specialist

she gave me the freedom i needed to become the person i am today. she let me make my own mistakes but was always there to pick me up, dust me off and encourage me to try again. – megan, new product development coordinator

without my mom, i would have never experienced unconditional love and been able to pass this type of love onto my sweet daughter. – taryn, public relations manager

she inspires me to be the best person that i can be. she is my voice of reason, shoulder to lean on, motivator and the most compassionate person i have ever met. simply put, she is my best friend. – heidi, marketing coordinator

she always supported my dreams and encouraged me to chase what i wanted in life. she never pushed me to conform to the status quo, never questioned my unique interest and never doubted my ability to achieve what i wanted. i am truly blessed to have a mother that was so forward thinking and supportive. – erica, qvc specialist

through her own graceful journey, she has inspired me to live, learn, love, and be happy. – tatum, creative copywriter

she always encourages me to hope for the future, to have faith that in the end everything will work out, and to cherish our family, for they are a true blessing and will always be there to love and support me unconditionally. – cindy, packaging production manager

through her strength, love and laughter, i am who i am today. – martie, consumer services consultant

no matter how young or old i am, she continues to provide motherly advice, bring me soup when i am sick, and give her opinion even though we may not always agree. her children are her greatest joy, which is always seen through smiles, hugs, and love. – joanne, trade marketing specialist

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