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employee spotlight: judy, customer care


if you’ve ever called into philosophy’s customer care, you may have spoken to judy o’neal. she loves smiles, so it’s not uncommon for her to encourage one out of you. “happy thriving thursday!” she says as she answers the phone. how could you not smile? that my friends, is judy’s passion.

judy and her husband live at sunshine acres, a children’s home in mesa, arizona that helps nurture displaced children. she helps the house moms with chores, making dinner or even taking them to get their nails done, while her husband is a full-time community manager.

“we felt called to take care of people. it’s hard work, but the payoff is worth it,” says judy.

the children at sunshine acres are there for various reasons, and it’s judy’s goal to help nurture them and eventually reconnect them with their families.

“when someone who used to not look at you in the eye, now not only looks at you, but smiles – that’s what it’s all about.”

at the philosophy office, judy is driven to connect with other employees and make them feel good. she strategically places a smiley face at her desk so when employees walk up, they are already smiling.

we are inspired by judy every day to encourage, inspire and smile at each other. a smile is a small, priceless gift, and it is our hope that you pass one on today.

for more information on how you can give back in your community, visit

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  1. Marsha Latham

    I love pholosophy!!!! Skin care and bath and body products. They have such a good clean secnt that isn’t over powering to flowery smelling, I end up having to hid them from my husband and son or my bottle is empty before I get to use it that much. Have u thought about coming up with some secents that are more manly? And my favorite of all the scents that have come and gone “be somebody” has once again be discontinued. The last time this happen the sales girl told me about them not going to get any more of that scent so I bought every bottle they had I’m the store ….even the sample bottle. This time I wasn’t as lucky. Please consider making this one of your perment scents. Thanks a bunch …love this product!

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