beauty & believing

hello, friends

hello, friends

welcome to the philosophy blog

from the beginning, we set out with the belief that only when you feel good can you truly look your best. as a result, science and inspiration naturally merged to create something amazing – an approachable beauty brand.

as we continue to care for your skin by bringing you cutting-edge science and breakthrough formulas, we also continue to care for your well-being. the philosophy message on each bottle and jar is designed to uplift your spirits and celebrate your inner beauty.

this blog is about connecting with our fans beyond the philosophy bottles and jars. it is our hope that we inspire you to live a better life by being better to yourself. we look forward to sharing an inside look at the brand, and creating a destination for philosophy girls to feel inspired.

welcome to beauty and believing, where we believe in redefining beauty by delivering the message that everyone is beautiful, and to be a super model all you really need to be is a super person.

xoxo,the philosophy family


  1. Sheila

    I have a very overactive sense of smell. After years of trying different scents I finally found one that I love love love. It’s inner grace. I had an auto ship on qvc and they cancelled it just saying no longer available. I can’t find it anywhere. It is very difficult to buy a fragrance without smelling it first. I’d like samples but don’t know how to find them. Any way to order a very small sample. I just hate this. I need the body scrub with olive oil….I miss it!

    • dear sheila, thank you for your excitement about our products! registered members who place their order online have the ability to choose two free samples during checkout. if placing your order via phone, our customer care team will be happy to add samples to your order. you may also use our store locator to find your nearest retail location, where you can sample a wide selection of philosophy products.

  2. cindyd

    Please bring back hope in a bottle!! It is one of the best products you make. You tried getting rid of it a couple of years ago, but you eventually reconsidered due to the overwhelming outcry of people like me who have used it for years. There is no other product like it that works so amazingly well as hope in a bottle. Please reconsider again and bring it back!!!!

    • welcome to philosophy, lu! please give our customer care team a call so they may personally assist you in finding the best products for your skin. you may contact us by phone at 1.800.568.3151 from 6:00am – 5:00pm, monday through friday.

  3. cyndy

    Hard to believe that the fragrance has not changed, read the reviews on QVC website, they all have issues with the fragrance in the Amazing Grace body emulsion. Very disappointing!!

  4. Donnamarie cox

    I love Pure Grace and Amazing Grace. I would love to see the body spritz in the larger size on its own, not only in a trio! Hope in a Jar is amazing. Thanks for a wonderful company!

  5. Leisa

    Please, please bring back the hope in a bottle. I just recently discovered this product and it is soooo amazing. I like the clear days ahead line but this lotion works so much better then the clear days ahead lotion. It’s not greasy and I can wear it under my makeup. I can’t wear the clear days ahead under my makeup. I don’t know why you discontinued it!! It has great reviews. I am on my hands and knees…. Please bring it back. Since using it my face really is makeup optional and I haven’t had that since I was 10 I am now 39! Don’t take my pretty skin away from me PLEASE!

  6. M. Travis

    I used to love your products, but this past year I have ordered several of the body,lotion, partum products. Sad to say I had to send all back. One, I was able to sell to a friend.
    I would love to know what happened to philosophy I used to love. No fragrance after a half of hour. I layered and went to see my son and he never made a comment on how good I smelled. Then I started asking people if they could smell my fragrance, the answer was always no. I am so disappointed, I am going to try someone else product.
    Philosophy is very expensive and this use to be one thing I would treat myself with, i.e. Xmas,bd,etc..
    So can you tell me what happened to the Philosophy line? I know I’m not the only philosophy girl who noticed that something changed in the formula.
    Peace & Blessings,

    • thank you for reaching out. please be assured that the quality and efficacy of our fragrances remain unchanged. all of our fragrances are marketed as very light scents that are meant to draw people in and not be overpowering. the strength of the scent does differ from person to person depending on their body chemistry. we recommend layering the 3-in-1 gel, the body lotion and the fragrance spray for a head-to-toe fragrance experience.

  7. Jody Smith

    I used a Keep the Peace super soothing serum for redness and sensitivity. I am almost out of this product and have been shopping to replace my almost empty bottle. However, I am not able to find this product anywhere. Is it still available? I discovered it a couple of years ago and has served my extremely sensitive skin very well. I truly hope that it is still available and just can’t locate it. I have acne/rosacea prone skin and heavy/light moisturizers are simply not an option. The Philosophy Keep the Peace serum has served my skin well.

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